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1. A customer does not want to receive any more satisfaction questionnaires and the sendings are automatic. How do I proceed?

If the person has already received a questionnaire and does not want to receive any more satisfaction questionnaires, you can unsubscribe them from the platform:

If this person has told you that they do not want to receive a questionnaire and have never received a questionnaire before, it is possible to unsubscribe them in advance:

How to verify that a customer has been unsubscribed if he never received a questionnaire?

It is possible to check if a customer is unsubscribed with his status in the customer section.

  1. Click on "Customers" in the left menu.

  2. Search with the customer's name or email.

  3. If the customer is unsubscribed, you will see this symbol in the "Status" column in the customer section.

2. One of my employees is not receiving InputKit communications. What can be done?

  1. Please ask your employee to check the "spam" section of their email. If the communications are there, please move them to the main inbox and add the email to your contacts.

  2. If the spam has been checked and you have not found anything, please add the following address to your contacts: [email protected]

If these steps have been taken and you are still not receiving our communications, please write to us in the chat. We will investigate to resolve the situation.

3. How does the satisfaction determinant works in a questionnaire?

The satisfaction determinant is the option that creates the satisfaction logic in your questionnaire. Once the option is enabled, each answer choice now has the option 'Satisfied'. In other words, you decide which answer choices represent a satisfactory response.

When a customer is considered dissatisfied, the person in charge of dissatisfied customers will receive an email notification and an alert is added on the dashboard.

There is also a satisfaction determinant to the Net Promoter Score question. This determinant is used to redirect promoters (customers who answer a score of 9 or 10 to the question) to leave you reviews on the web.

Learn more about the satisfaction determinant 👇

3.1 Can the NPS satisfaction determinant be adjusted to redirect only customers who respond 10/10?

No, this satisfaction determinant is not malleable since it is based on the Net Promoter Score theory. Also, if we don't redirect developers who give a 9/10 rating, we would cut off half of the potential reviews.

4. Is it possible to assign a notification to several users?

Only one user can be assigned per notification. The user can delegate as needed, but it is one person responsible per alert.

It is possible to vary who is in charge of what. For example, one user may be in charge of unhappy customer alerts while another may be responsible for cross-selling alerts. What is not possible is to add two users for the same alert.

One option for multiple users to receive alerts would be to add a user with a common mailbox. For example: [email protected]

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5. How to make an alert disappear from the dashboard?

The only way to make an alert disappear is to handle it! For example, if you have an alert that there are unanswered reviews, you must reply to all the reviews in order for the alert to disappear.

It may seem unnatural to respond to older reviews, but Google displays reviews according to their relevance, not the most recent, so we recommend replying despite the delay. In addition, by responding to all reviews, it builds trust for those searching for your business on the web.

You can use the smart Google review reply generator to save time and reply to all reviews:

You can also consult our best practices on this subject and use the examples as inspiration if you prefer to write your own answers:

6. Can testimonials from satisfied customers be redirected to Google directly?

Although satisfied customers are redirected to your Google My Business page to leave online reviews, their comments and testimonials from the satisfaction questionnaires cannot be automatically redirected to your page. Customers must leave their reviews online themselves.

7. Why is there no data displayed on my dashboard?

If there is no data displayed on your dashboard, please verify the selected timeframe:

When you select the "This month" timeframe and the month begins, it may seem as if the data has disappeared from the dashboard. In fact, it is that they are in the "Last month" period since the month is starting and there is no data collected yet!

You can adjust the determinant and select the "All" timeframe, this way you will have access to all data since you are using InputKit.

If you have checked the selected timeframe and there is no data displayed, please write us on the chat and we will investigate the situation.

8. Why is my access limited?

The access you have to the platform depends on your user role. Only administrators have access to everything on InputKit. For more details on role-related access, you can read our article on the subject:

9. Why doesn't the button to send the post-intervention sequence appear even if the management status of the dissatisfied customer is set to "completed"?

This happens when the client has answered the initial questionnaire anonymously, because the system does not know the client's contact information since it does not know his identity. Since you have spoken to him, you know who is behind the feedback, so you can send the questionnaire manually!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

10. Can a sending be redone without submitting an invoice or without redoing it from scratch?

Yes! If you need to resend a questionnaire to change something, such as the language of the sending, for example, you can do so on the platform in the sending section.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to proceed:

Do not hesitate to write to us on the chat if you have any question.

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