The copy/paste function is useful if you want to send a questionnaire to a few people, but this way you have to fill in each field manually, which is more time consuming than with the CSV file import.

We strongly recommend using the "CSV file (UTF-8)" upload mode to save time, because with the copy and paste function, you have to fill in each field manually.

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How to send multiple questionnaires with the copy and paste mode

To send multiple questionnaires, go to the "Sendings" tab and then click on the "Send many" button :

Step 1 : Choose the sending and upload mode

You must choose your sending mode (email or SMS) and choose the upload mode. In this example, the selected sending mode is email and the upload mode is Copy/paste.

Step 2 : Enter email addresses of your customer, delimited by commas

It is important to separate each email with commas :

⚠️Be sure to select the correct sequence.

Once you made the list of the customers email delimited by commas and that you selected the correct sequence, you can click "Next" to fill the informations related to the customers and the sending.

Step 3 : Fill the informations related to the customers and the sending

You will have to fill these informations to each customers remaining :

  • Honorific (M. / Mrs)

  • Customer's first and last name

  • Employee(s)

  • Office (if you have many)

  • Departments (if you have departments)

  • Custom fields (if you have custom fields)

💡To learn more about the custom fields, read this article : The custom fields

Step 4 : Verify and confirm the mapping

At this step, it may be normal that your number of customers has decreased because of these reasons :

  • Customer is duplicate

  • Customer has unsubscribed

  • Customer has recently been contacted and is therefore removed from this sending

You will have to confirm that the mapping is correct in order to continue and schedule the sending :

Step 5 : Schedule the sending

It's possible to schedule your sendings in the future. To do so, you must choose the date in the calendar and the desired time in the clock on the right.

⚠️ Be careful with the AM/PM. You can check if the time and date are right by looking at the "Scheduled for" :

If you want to send right away, just set the current time or press "Send".

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