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Medexa <> InputKit integration - FAQ
Medexa <> InputKit integration - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the InputKit <> Medexa integration

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InputKit <> Medexa integration - FAQ

Here are the most frequently asked question about our integration with Medexa. Please let us know if your question is not listed here.

#1 - What happens when a patient is a no-show ? Will he receive a questionnaire ?

No. To prevent that, Medexa waits at least 1 hour after the end of the appointment before telling InputKit to send a questionnaire. This gives you time to cancel or reschedule the appointment in Medexa.

Let’s say a patient’s appointment is starting at 9am, ending at 10am. Medexa would wait until 11am before telling InputKit to send the questionnaire.

#2- If a patient does not consent to receive surveys and the field indicates "non-consent" in Medexa, will this be taken into account in the InputKit platform?

Yes, a patient record that has not authorized communication via SMS and/or Email will not receive InputKit questionnaires via these means of communication.

#3 - Can I decide which of our services trigger sendings, and which don’t ?

Yes. For each of your Medexa service, you choose if it needs to send a questionnaire, and which one.

We recommend to have 2 types of questionnaires :

  1. #1 for assessments/evaluations, initial appointments

  2. #2 for follow-ups, treatments appointments

For services with no initial assessment (e.g. massage therapy) we recommend to always send the second questionnaire, for treatments.

To configure your services in Medexa, it’s in Clinic > Integrations > InputKit

For each service, you need to paste the Webhook URL of the sequence in InputKit. This is found inside your InputKit account, in the specific sequence, in the sequence settings.

#4 - Will patients receive a questionnaire after all appointments?

No. In InputKit, we have built-in intervals to control when the questionnaire will be sent:

Questionnaire #1 will always be sent.

Questionnaire #2 will be sent under 2 conditions :

  1. The patient comes to a treatment appointment at least 1 month after the initial assessment appointment.

  2. The patient comes to a treatment appointment at least 3 months after the last treatment appointment.

#5 - What could explain why a sending was not triggered?

There are various reasons why a sending may not have been triggered.

1. The patient's contact details

If the patient does not have an email address in their contact information, they will not be able to receive a satisfaction questionnaire. If there is an email address in his file, but it is wrong, you can change it to redo the sending. You will also have to correct the address in his file on Medexa to avoid blocking future sendings.

Here is a guide on how to redo a sending👇

If you are using SMS to do the sendings and the patient does not have a cell phone number, it will be impossible to send satisfaction questionnaires to them. You will have to add a cell phone number to the patient's contact details or an email address to send the questionnaire by email.

2. The intervals

What can prevent a sending from being triggered is the interval that is set up in the sequence. For example, if you have defined an interval of 3 months between 2 sendings in the sequence "Follow-up after treatment" and the customer received a questionnaire last month, the interval will prevent the questionnaire from being sent.

To check which intervals are set, go to the sequence that should have been sent and click on "Sequence settings":

You will be able to view and edit the intervals defined for each sequence.

Here's how to check in InputKit if a patient has received a questionnaire recently:

  1. Click on "Sendings" in the left menu

  2. Enter the patient's name in the search bar to see the sending history for that person :

If you see that the last sending the patient received is too recent for the defined interval, this explains why the sending was not triggered.

3. The services configuration

If you notice that sendings for a particular service are not triggered, please check if the module InputKit is activated in Medexa for this service.

⚠️ Pay special attention to the link in the "Webhook URL" field:

If there are none for a service or if the link is incorrect, there won't be any sendings for that service.

If this is a new service that you just set up in your Medexa, you need to let us know so that we can have Medexa update the services for your clinic.

6. The therapist on the schedule

We only receive the names of the main therapists, i.e. if it is an intern, we will not receive the information and there will be no sending in his/her name.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write us on the chat.

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