When the dissatisfied customer has identified himself/herself for the satisfaction questionnaire, an orange button appears automatically when you have handled and completed the case on InputKit. When the customer has responded anonymously, the system does not know his or her contact information and therefore cannot automatically generate the button to send the post-intervention questionnaire, so you must send it manually since you know the identity of the customer.

How to send the follow-up after intervention sequence?

1- Click on the " Sendings " tab in the left menu

2-Click on the green button "+ Send a sequence" :

3-A window will open to allow you to enter the sending information. You must select the sequence "Follow-up after intervention" in the drop-down menu:

4-The next step is to write the details of the customer and to click "Send" once the fields are filled:

**Since the customer has already been contacted, the contact information will be filled in automatically!

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