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What is a metric?
What is a metric?

Everything you need to know about metrics.

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Metrics are the critical service elements. They are indicators that measure specific aspects of the service!

To access your account metrics, click on your name at the top right and select "Metrics" from the menu:

To find out how to add metrics and link them in questionnaires, you can refer to this guide 👇

The metric ensures that when the customer fills out the questionnaire and it's time to evaluate their experience, their answers will be filtered according to the metric in question.

For example, one could use the metric "professionalism" to evaluate this aspect of a therapist's service. If the customer found that the reception was not perfect, but that the therapist lived up to his expectations, the therapist will not be affected by the poor reception score due to the different metrics.

This is the most accurate way to measure a specific aspect of service by type of employee!

To find out how the metrics are calculated 👇

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