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How to get a client detail with the API key
How to get a client detail with the API key

You'll learn how to get all the details of a client from its email address.

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If you want to get a client detail with your API key, you just have to follow the following steps:

1. GET request

In order to get the detail of a client, you need to send the following GET request:

API-KEY is your company secret key

CLIENT-EMAIL is the email of the client you want to get the detail

You can get more detail to the API in our Postman documentation:

2. Response

first_name // Client's first name
last_name // Client's last name
id // client id
company_id // your company id
email // client's email
phone // client's phone
date_last_contact // last time that the client was contacted
active // 1 if client is active, 0 otherwise
unsubscribed // 1 if client is unsubscribed
reviewsLeft // list separated by comma of client's clicks on review links
nps // Client NPS score
locationId // location id of the client
location // name of the client's location
date_last_nps_update // date of the last NPS update
google_review_id // ID of the client google review
is_anonymous // 1 if it's an anonymous client
honorific // honorific used for the client
organization: // name of the client organization
name // full name of the client
leftGoogleReview: // true if the client left a google review
isPromoter: // true if the NPS score is 9 or 10

3. Example

first_name: John
last_name: Doe
id: 90706
company_id: 2563
email: [email protected]
phone: 5149991888,
date_last_contact: 2019-11-07T19:16:09.000Z
active: 1
unsubscribed: 0
nps: 7
locationId: 2813
location: Main Office
date_last_nps_update: 2019-11-14T21:00:44.000Z
google_review_id: null
is_anonymous: null
honorific: Mr
organization: Organization
name: M. Jean-Philippe Fong ([email protected])
leftGoogleReview: false,
isPromoter: false

4. How to find your API Key

To find your API key, simply go to your company settings (As shown in the image below) and scroll to the bottom. Then, you will see the 'API Key', which contains everything you need.

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