With InputKit, it is possible to know your customer satisfaction level for each employee. In other words, to analyze indicators and feedback based on which employee did the work.

After having tested it with several companies, we can say that customer satisfaction is rarely evenly distributed among employees. We always end up identifying a few people in particular who cause the majority of customer dissatisfaction. Regardless of the situation, it is information that every business leader wants to make better decisions.

To get started, go ahead in the Employees page. See image below.

On that page, simply add your employees.

Note: If you use Zapier or Webhook integrations, this list will populate automatically over time. Please refer to our guides to learn more:
Webhook: http://help.inputkit.io/integrations-integrations/english-how-to-send-a-sequence-by-email-using-our-webhook
Zapier: http://help.inputkit.io/integrations-integrations/english-how-to-automatically-send-sequences-by-email-using-zapier

Then, you need to link one or more employees to each sending you create inside InputKit.

For individual sendings

When you send a sequence, simply choose which employee did the job with that customer. See image below.

For multiple sendings (CSV)

In your Excel file, simply add a new column with the name of the employee who did the job for each customer. If there's more than one employee, simply separate them with a comma. See image below.

Analyse results

In your reports, you will see a new filter called 'Handled by'. See image below. There, you specify an employee for which you want to analyse customer feedback and satisfaction KPIs.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

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