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  1. WebHook URL
  2. The POST body
  3. How to find my API Key and Sequence ID
  4. Example

If you want to automatically send a sequence to a customer by email from a specific trigger, the webhook is an easy way to do so. Simply send a POST request to our webhook and InputKit will send the sequence on your behalf.

The WebHook URL


API-KEY is your company secret key

SEQUENCE-ID is the ID of the sequence you want to send

The POST body

email //Customer's email address

first_name //Optional, customer first name

last_name //Optional, customer last name

full_name //Optional, customer full name. Only if first and last names are empty

honorific // Optional, customer honorific

employees //Optional, employee(s) in charge. Names separated by comma. Employee type after semicolon (optional). Example: John Doe;Therapist

time_to_send // DateTime when to send in UTC +0. Set null to send now.

phone // Optional, customer's phone number

organization // Optional, customer's organization name

Service type // Any other custom field

Any other custom field


email: [email protected]
full_name: John Doe
honorific: Mr.
phone: 555-555-5555
employees: Robert Jr;Therapist, Sarah Molson
organization: Inputkit
Project Number: 8320
Service Type: Physiotherapy

How to find my API key and Sequence ID 

To find your API key and sequence ID, simply go into the desired sequence and click on 'Sequence Settings' (As shown in the image below.) Then, you will see the 'WebHook URL', which contains everything you need.


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